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Introduction These terms and conditions of service together with any terms and policies referred to in them (Our Terms) constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Sovereign Leads Ltd t/a “Zen Hut”. (“Zen Hut”, “we”, “us” or “our”). Sovereign Leads is a private limited company registered in England and Wales with company No. 08336567 whose registered office is located at the following address: Railview Lofts, 19c Commercial Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 3XE. Sovereign Leads VAT registration number is GB 397497422 . USE OF OUR SITE AND OUR APP Your use of our website ("Our Site"), app ("Our App"), and services is subject to our Terms. You agree to abide by Our Terms by using Our Site, Our App, or the Services. Please attentively and completely read Our Terms. You may not make a reservation with Zen Hut for any professional service if you do not accept Our Terms. PERSONAL DATA In order to provide the Services, we may collect personal data from you. Before making a booking or purchase through us, please read our privacy policy available here (Our Privacy Policy). ELIGIBLE USE You confirm that you are of legal age to access and use Our Site, Our App and / or the Services and are of legal capacity to agree to Our Terms. You are not eligible to use the Services if you are under the age of 18. Our Terms apply to individuals only; for any corporate bookings or purchases, please contact us at info@zenhut.co or via online chat. CONSUMER TERMS The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 require Zen Hut to give you certain key information for there to be a legally binding contract between you and us. This information is set out below. OUR SERVICES Zen Hut provides a booking service. These services allow you to book a variety of massage and other wellness services (Professional Services) that are carried out in each and every case by independent self-employed freelancers (Independent Freelancers). In providing the Services, Zen Hut acts as the agent of the Independent freelancers. Zen Hut bears no responsibility for Professional Services you book through us: we are only involved with the booking process as well as necessary ancillary services which help to facilitate the services available. The Services offered on our website and app allow you to search through Our Site and purchase Professional Services from a number of Independent freelance service providers. In facilitating the purchase of Professional Services through us, we are in practice acting as commercial agents of said independent freelance service providers. As part of these services, we also provide ancillary services in addition, such as assisting with customer service issues (again in our capacity as agent for the Independent freelance service providers.) However, as stated above, the contract for the purchase of the Professional Services is between you and the Independent freelancer. This means that the Independent freelancer is legally responsible for providing the Professional Service to you. However, Zen Hut remains responsible in respect of its obligations to you in accordance with Our Terms which shall be legally binding. If you have any inquiries, grievances, or refund requests, you can reach us directly at info@zenhut.co or through online chat. For inquiries about customer service, Zen Hut will continue to be your point of contact. If necessary, Zen Hut will act as an intermediary between you and an Independent freelancer for customer service or dispute issues. AGREEMENTS FOR SERVICES PROFESSIONAL SERVICES When you make a booking with us, the service you receive will be subject to the Independent freelancer's terms and conditions. You will be given the Independent freelancer's Terms and asked to confirm your agreement with them. The Independent freelancer's Terms are strictly between you and the Independent freelancer who offers you your Professional Service; Zen Hut is not a party to these terms. BOOKING PROCESS BOOKING SERVICES You can make a booking through Our Site or through Our App by choosing an independent freelance professional. You may only make a booking up to 10 days in advance. This is to ensure the reliability of our service and the accuracy of each therapist's schedule. Payment details will be requested at the time of booking and payment will be collected when you make a booking. The Treatment Fee belongs to the Independent freelancer who provides the Professional Service and Zen Hut retain the online booking fee you pay as our commission. Zen Hut, as the Independent freelancer's agent, collects or arranges for a third party to collect on our behalf, the booking fee from you. We are appointed by Independent freelancers to conclude bookings on their behalf as their commercial agent. Once your booking is accepted by us on behalf of the and the Independent freelancer, you will receive confirmation of your appointment from us by email. By making a booking, you are responsible for: - Full payment of the applicable Treatment Fee; - Ensuring the Independent freelancer has access to your Designated Premises which must, in all cases, represent a suitable space in which the Professional Service can be performed, with all appropriate facilities (including adequate lighting and heating); and ensuring the health and safety of the Independent freelancer whilst at your Designated Premises. PAYMENT A booking fee must be paid on our website or our app, with the contractors own stated fees then paid to them directly. If there is a breach in our cancellation policy by you, then on behalf of the Independent contractor, we will charge the full fee they would have received had the booking ahead and transfer it to them. We shall take all appropriate steps to protect your information by using an encrypted secure payment method when you pay for the Professional Service. However, in the absence of Zen Hut's carelessness, we will not be held legally liable to you for any losses you could incur if a third party obtains unauthorised access to any information you might ever give us. All payments by credit card or debit card need to be authorised by the relevant card issuer. We may also need to use extra security steps via Verified by Visa where applicable. By making a booking or purchase you agree to provide complete, correct and true information including without limitation billing and payment information. PRICES All fees and charges are inclusive of VAT where applicable or unless specified otherwise. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES The cost of Professional Services (each a "Treatment Price" and collectively "Treatment Prices") varies depending on the kind and length of Professional Services you order, as well as the location of the premises you've designated for the Independent freelancer to perform Professional Services for you ("Designated Premises"). Independent freelancers are free to set their own prices which will be clearly displayed to you on our website. Our site and our app have comprehensive information about Treatment Prices. Treatment costs are subject to change at any time but changes won't have an impact on any reservations you've previously made. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES You are accountable for providing complete and accurate information at the time of booking or purchase in addition to the duties listed above. If you don't give complete and accurate information, your booking request might be denied, your reservation might be cancelled, the booked Independent freelancer might be unable to offer the Professional Service as asked. In the event of such failure, your payments may not be entitled for a refund and your booking or Order Confirmation may be lost. CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES You acknowledge that you do not have any statutory right to cancel a booking made for a Professional Service. However, you have a contractual entitlement to cancel any booking you have made with an independent freelancer through us in the following circumstances and on the described terms. You will be entitled to a full refund of your booking fee if you cancel your booking via Our Site or Our App or via the online chat booking service: - at least 2 hours prior to the appointment time; You will be charged both the online booking fee as well as the full treatment fee you agreed to pay the freelancer when you made the booking if you: Cancel a booking other than as permitted above; Attempt to cancel a booking on or after the Appointment Time; or Fail to attend a booking at the Appointment Time and/or at the Designated Premises. Fail to provide accurate information for your independent freelancer to attend the Designated Premises Fail to provide accurate and complete contact details or personal information such as but not limited to full name phone number and address Book a treatment that cannot be performed because you meet one of the contraindications that are mentioned on the treatment description page on our App or Website A cancellation fee is charged in order to compensate the independent freelancer because it is not reasonable to expect the independent freelancer to be able to provide a Professional Service at another booking where you cancel with short or no notice. Cancellation fees may in our absolute discretion be waived where you have been unable to cancel a booking without incurring the cancellation fee for genuine reasons which were outside of your control. Where cancellation fees are waived by us, we act as agent of the independent freelancer who is the principal in supplying the Professional Service. DELAYS If you wish to extend the time you have booked a Professional Service, the Independent freelancer will endeavour to fulfil your request. This is subject to the availability of the Independent freelancer and payment of an additional charge for the extended time calculated in accordance with the Treatment Prices. If you are delayed and unable to start the Professional Service at the Designated Premises at the Appointment Time by more than 10 minutes then, unless the Independent freelancer agrees to the contrary (which is within the sole discretion of the Independent freelancer): the Independent freelancer is entitled to end the Professional Service at the time agreed when the booking was made without making any adjustment to the Treatment Price to reflect the reduced time of the Professional Service; or if you and the Independent freelancer agree to proceed with the Professional Service for the full time allotted notwithstanding the delayed start time, then you shall be obliged to pay before the relevant Professional Service is given, an additional charge calculated at the rate set out with the Treatment Prices for extra time. We will collect the Extra Time Charges as agent of the Independent freelancer. Zen Hut ACTS ONLY AS AN INTRODUCER The Services allow those looking for professional services to schedule appointments with independent contractors who want to offer those services. While Zen Hut evaluates Independent contractors who want to offer Professional Services, we make no guarantees or warranties and give no assurances as to their suitability, reliability, or quality. This is solely your concern. As a result, you agree and recognise that Zen Hut is under no duty to examine any Independent freelancer's background or to pay for any services they may offer. Just as you would when communicating with other people you don't know, you should use caution and common sense when dealing with any Independent freelancer to safeguard your personal safety, privacy, and property. PROHIBITED USE The Services are for your personal and non-commercial use and must only be used for the purposes of inquiring about or making bookings for Professional Services and / or purchasing Products as expressly described above. You must not use Our Site, Our App or the Services to do any of the following (each of which is strictly prohibited): Engage in any inappropriate behaviour including but not limited to illicit or sexually suggestive remarks, sexual advances, drug use, excessive drinking and/or other inappropriate behaviour; Restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Services; Infringe the privacy rights, property rights, or other civil rights of any person; Harass, abuse, threaten or otherwise infringe or violate the rights of Independent freelancers, Zen Hut (including its employees and personnel) or others; Harvest, data-mine or otherwise collect information about others, including email addresses, without their consent; You agree not to breach Our Terms in any way which may result in, among other things, termination or suspension of your access to the Services. We reserve the right to disclose information of suspicious behaviour related but not limited to any of the listed above to law enforcement. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Zen Hut, the Zen Hut logo, brand, and all other trademarks, service marks, graphics, and logos used in connection with the Site, App, or the Services (whether registered or unregistered) are the property of us or our licensors, as appropriate, and are protected by intellectual property law. Nothing in Our Terms gives you any ownership or other rights in the Site, App, Services, or their content. DISCLAIMER As mentioned above, we connect people looking for professional services with independent contractors looking to offer such services. The performance of the Independent freelancer or the fulfilment of any booking is not our responsibility or subject to our liability. You realise and accept that while we do strive to help by offering the above-mentioned intermediary services for resolving issues and complaints, we are not liable for addressing any claims you may have against any Independent freelancer or any Professional Services. OUR SERVICES ARE FOR GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY Content on Our Site and Our App which is made available as part of the Services is provided for your general information purposes only. Only general informational use is made of the content on Our Site and Our App that is made available as part of the Services. Nothing provided on our website, in our mobile app, or in any other form as part of the services is intended to be advice, opinion, or direction of any type. We do not offer medical advice or treatment because we are not a healthcare provider. "Treatment," "therapy," and other phrases with similar meanings that appear on Our Site, Our App, and elsewhere do not refer to medical treatment or medical therapy. The information presented on Our Site, Our App and otherwise as part of the Services is not intended to diagnose health problems or to take the place of professional medical care. Should you have a medical issue you should always consult with a qualified medical professional. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE OUR SITE, OUR APP OR THE SERVICES We give no assurance or promise that Our Site, Our App, or any other feature of the Services will meet your needs, be available, error-free, timely, dependable, completely secure, or free from viruses. By using Our Site, Our App, or any other feature of the Services, we do not promise any specific results or outcomes. Nothing in Our Terms will exclude or limit any warranty provided by law that would be illegal to exclude or limit, nor will it limit our liability for any of the following: death or personal injury brought on by Zen Hut's negligence; fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation on Zen Hut's part; or any other situation in which Zen Hut's exclusion or limitation of, or attempt to exclude or limit, it would be illegal or unlawful for Zen Hut to do so. In the event that you fail to submit correct and complete information, we are not liable or responsible for any inaccuracies in the Services or failure to supply the Services. While we make every effort to ensure that the Services are accessible, we do not represent, warrant, or otherwise guarantee in any way that the Services will always be accessible or that you will be able to use them without interruption. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to periodically suspend or stop operating all or a portion of the Services. Use of Our Site, Our App and the Services is on an “as-is” and “as available” basis. To the maximum extent permitted at law in no event shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential damages or any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, damages for loss of use, loss of data, lost revenues, loss of goodwill, loss of anticipated saving or profits, or arising out of or in any way connected with the use or performance of the site or services, or with the delay or inability to use the site or services, or with the provision of or failure to provide the site or services. INDEMNITY You agree to defend and indemnify us against any claims, causes of action, demands, recoveries, losses, damages, fines, penalties, or other costs or expenses of any kind or nature, including, but not limited to, reasonable legal and accounting fees, that result from or are related to your access to or use of the Services, whether intentionally or unintentionally, or from any other violation of Our Terms on your part. MODIFICATION AND TERMINATION We may modify Our Terms or terminate use of the Services at any time by giving notice to you. If you do not agree to any changes, you must stop using the Services. We may also change, suspend, terminate or discontinue any aspect of the Services including availability of certain features at any time for any reason. SEVERABILITY If any provision of Our Terms is deemed or becomes invalid, the validity of the other provisions shall not be affected. GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION You agree that Our Terms for all purposes, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English and Welsh law. You also agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts as regards any claim or matter arising under Our Terms. Please email legal@zenhut.co for any other enquiries.