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Zen Hut applies a very different approach to massage pricing. Learn more below about how our services are priced.

Zen Hut Massage Pricing

Fair and transparent massage prices


A lot has changed in the past few years and the massage and wellness industry has had to adapt as a result. Increased cost of living and inflation among other issues have made it more challenging to use set pricing for massage services, especially mobile massage.

Our solution at Zen Hut is to empower the freelance massage therapists working on our platform to set their own rates, as well as custom travel fees for mobile massage. What's more, our commission rate on each booking is the lowest and fairest in the industry and then some.

On-demand massage, at yours or near yours

How therapists set their prices

Therapists use our mobile app to set their availability, services, pricing and travel fees. If you're booking mobile massage the travel may therefore vary based on your postcode. For incall services, you only pay for the cost of the treatment.

How therapists set their prices

Zen Hut massage therapists use the app to select which treatments they offer.

How therapists set their prices

Massage prices are set based on the treatment type as well as the duration of the massage.

How therapists set their prices

Mobile massage therapists set their own service area and can apply custom travel fees.

On-demand massage, at yours or near yours

Useful Pricing Info

Check out the table below for a ballpark figure based on how long you want your session. Heads up: if you're going for a mobile massage, prices might get a bit wobbly since therapists charge their own travel fees for different areas.

(Mon - Fri)07:00AM - 21:30PM (Mon - Fri)21:30PM - 03:30AM (Sat - Sun)07:00AM - 03:30AM
60 minutes £68 £75 £75
90 minutes £82 £88 £88
120 minutes £103 £112 £112
60 min 90 min 120 min
(Mon - Fri)07:00AM -
£68 £75 £75
(Mon - Fri)21:30PM -
£82 £88 £88
(Sat - Sun)07:00AM -
£103 £112 £112
On-demand massage, at yours or near yours

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Massage Pricing FAQ

Yes, next to the booking price on the therapist profile just click "view fees" and you can see a breakdown of the booking cost. Remember, therapists can set custom travel fees for each postcode. The higher the travel fee, the more effort it is for them to travel to that postcode

That's really up to you, there's no obligation to tip.

No, when you book you agree to pay whatever price you see displayed.

Yes, if you want to modify your booking contact us and we will do our best to accomodate.

No, because you travel to the therpist for incall bookings there is no added cost such as a travel fee.